COVID-19 Week 4 in Quarantine

Now that I haven't left my property in a month I ventured outside to get more food. I was able to live off the food in my refrigerator and freezer for 3 weeks. The last week I had to use mostly canned and dried food. I got very bored of not having all the fresh tasty things. My favorite dry product was rice and cream of chicken. I don't like the ramen noodles too much. Regarding any other supplies I did use Toliet paper and wipes more. This may not be suprising but I didn't use any emergency or survival supplies.

My experience overall is pretty much the same as before. I tend to stay inside and watch movies and play video games. That's what I've been doing for hours everyday. So as long as their is power and internet life is pretty normal for me. I am going a little stir crazy though. I did some yard work and I do noitce in the vicinity it looks normal. People are walking about with no masks. The weather has been very nice. It makes it feel very odd that their's this lurky danger in the air.

Now that I'm going out it was time to see if my Jeep would start. I haven't started it in a month. I did that on purpose after I thought about it 2 weeks ago. My car battery was completely dead. My jump starter didn't work as that battery was low. Both were over 5 years old. I had AAA come by and it started but even after leaving it run for a few minutes the battery wouldn't start so I bought a new one from them.

I winded up walking to Winco using my cart I have. There was no line going into the store, there was a long line in the store but that subsided by the time I checked out. I did loose one item on the way back though. After I got my Jeep working I went to Home Depot and Trader Joes. People were wearing masks and we had to wait in line to go in. At Trader Joes they have tape a few feet apart while in line. They also had plexi glass at the cashiers. Here is a summary of my experience after a month staying home:

  • Didn't have to use any emergency or survival supplies
  • Plenty of Food (Barely touched my long term dry food let alone my emergency food)
  • Water wasn't an issue
  • Power wasn't an issue
  • Internet was stable for the most part but did have some temporary issues
  • Vehicle, make sure you start it every week
  • I didn't get sick for the most part but did have some digestive issues
  • Stores where stocked
  • Coronavirus deaths in US topped 40,000