This site is going to be devoted to realistic Emergency Preparedness. It's not going to focus on SHTF scenarios like the Zombie Apocalypse or some life ending event on Earth. In my opinion, events like that are pretty much Hollywood Fantasy but the main thing to really think about regarding that subject is what one would really need to survive something like that. I really want to address this subject first since that is what most people focus on. Let's pick a realistic SHTF scenario like a Global Nuclear Attack. To make it simple there is only one way to really survive something like that. That is to have a properly built and well stocked bunker. So we are taking about great design, ventilation, wast disposable, enough food and water to last years, entertainment, medical supplies, great defense etc, etc. I think you get my point so unless you are one of the elites or know people who are, no one is ever going to be prepared to handle something like that. The best chance will be having a good handle on being prepared for everyday life mishaps and/or disasters. I believe the best chance of success is to actively engage in Emergency Preparedness on a regular basis. We need to constantly focus on having supplies on hand, managing those supplies, educating ourselves, practicing, learning new skills and staying fit. The nice thing about this is that you integrate being prepared into daily life, it's a great conversation piece and it's FUN!