COVID-19 Weeks 2 & 3 in Quarantine

I missed a week so I'm combining both into one post. As far my daily routines and life for myself nothing major has changed. Now that it's been 3 weeks I still have food in freezer and refrigerator. I used only a few items from my dry storage. The weather has been great. My IT job has been pretty busy. One thing I do notice is my phone browsing the web times out a lot. That never happened this much before. Power and Internet haven't been affected. I've been spending lots of time playing multiple games on my PS4. This was something that actually started before this all happened late last year. Below is some bullet points on what's going on in general.

  • There are currently 12,000 deaths in the US due to the virus
  • 17 million Americans filed for unemployment during this crisis
  • The stock market did come back. The DOW is at $24,000 now
  • Silver is at $15 per ounce

It doesn't seem like I have much to update...