Building a Wilderness survival kit

Survival items are at the core of any kit an essential for emergency preparedness. There are minimal items and much more depending on the climate and duration. In this article I would like to discuss a minimal kit and like the name "Wilderness Survival" as the main focus is items essential for survival in woods. I will not be mentioning an Altoids size tin kit. They are a fun project… [read more →]

Emergency Food Storage

Home food storage is an overlooked subject for most people. Larger families seem to have lots of food on hand but the reality is that goes very fast. Single people always seem to have nothing to eat. So if a disaster struck everyone will be rushing to the grocery stores depleting their stock. At the same time trucks will not be available to re-stock them. Within 3 days everywhere will be out of… [read more →]

Emergency Water Storage

Water is one of the most important and abundant resources on the planet yet the state of it at any given time makes it unusable most of the time. We take it for granted since the water companies provide us with unlimited treated water from our sinks to public establishments. Have you ever had the water suddenly stop? Just like electricity when the water stops things become real very fast. No… [read more →]